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Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA


Tree: clanSoren
Latitude: 41.6435634, Longitude: -92.0077316


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Black, Fannie Edna  4 May 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I3644 clanSoren 
2 Black, Milo  6 May 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I2595 clanSoren 
3 Black, Milo  8 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I2595 clanSoren 
4 Black, Olive Isabel  21 Apr 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I2549 clanSoren 
5 Black, Olive Isabel  8 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I2549 clanSoren 
6 Black, Olive Isabel  9 Apr 1930Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I2549 clanSoren 
7 Halverson, Glen C.  21 Apr 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I3953 clanSoren 
8 Halverson, Glen C.  8 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I3953 clanSoren 
9 Halverson, Henry Alfred  21 Apr 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I3706 clanSoren 
10 Halverson, Henry Alfred  8 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I3706 clanSoren 
11 Halverson, Henry Alfred  9 Apr 1930Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I3706 clanSoren 
12 Halverson, Pauline  21 Apr 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4045 clanSoren 
13 Halverson, Pauline  8 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4045 clanSoren 
14 Karsten, Virgie Mae  7 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4352 clanSoren 
15 Karsten, Virgie Mae  11 Apr 1930Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4352 clanSoren 
16 Stake, George W.  7 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4357 clanSoren 
17 Stake, George W.  11 Apr 1930Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4357 clanSoren 
18 Stake, Louis Leland  7 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4364 clanSoren 
19 Stake, Louis Leland  11 Apr 1930Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4364 clanSoren 
20 Stake, Wayne Karsten  7 Jan 1920Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4363 clanSoren 
21 Stake, Wayne Karsten  11 Apr 1930Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4363 clanSoren 
22 Wiebold, Alvena D.  4 May 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I5185 clanSoren 
23 Wiebold, Christian Harold  4 May 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I4718 clanSoren 
24 Wiebold, Myrten L.  4 May 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I5255 clanSoren 
25 Wiebold, Vernon G.  4 May 1910Troy, Iowa, Iowa, USA I5257 clanSoren