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Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA


Tree: clanSoren
Notes: Stillmore is a town in Emanuel County, Georgia, United States. The population was 730 at the 2000 census.
Latitude: 32.441176, Longitude: -82.214637


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Griffin, Wayne Moore  15 May 1858Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I9316 clanSoren 
2 Lindler, Robbie Estelle  24 Nov 1914Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1432 clanSoren 
3 Lindler, Wylie  28 Sep 1918Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1433 clanSoren 
4 May, Justine  9 Sep 1927Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2023 clanSoren 
5 Perkins, Rollie Wynne  17 Jun 1916Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2024 clanSoren 
6 Warren, Roxie  17 Mar 1860Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1867 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chapman, Lucinda  16 Mar 1916Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1125 clanSoren 
2 Daughtry, Robert  4 Jun 1974Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I7377 clanSoren 
3 Durden, John  13 Apr 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2011 clanSoren 
4 Lindler, Ellen Missouri  5 Jan 1926Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1126 clanSoren 
5 Lindler, Robert Columbus  17 Oct 1934Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1009 clanSoren 
6 Warren, Wealthea  22 Dec 1911Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1010 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bittaker, Joseph  13 Jun 1922Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1007 clanSoren 
2 Chapman, Lucinda  Aft 16 Mar 1916Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1125 clanSoren 
3 Lindler, Nina Belle  8 Dec 1971Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1008 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bittaker, Joseph  6 Feb 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1007 clanSoren 
2 Bittaker, Joseph Robert  6 Feb 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1014 clanSoren 
3 Bittaker, Marjorie Christine  6 Feb 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1013 clanSoren 
4 Bittaker, Ruth Ann  6 Feb 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1015 clanSoren 
5 Bittaker, William Oliver  6 Feb 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I330 clanSoren 
6 Chapman, Lucinda  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1125 clanSoren 
7 Chapman, Lucinda  19 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1125 clanSoren 
8 Durden, John  15 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2011 clanSoren 
9 Griffin, Andrew F.  11 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2030 clanSoren 
10 Griffin, Erastus Remer  11 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2031 clanSoren 
11 Griffin, Erastus Remer  1 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2031 clanSoren 
12 Griffin, John  11 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2029 clanSoren 
13 Griffin, Lulu Johnson  11 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2032 clanSoren 
14 Griffin, Queen  20 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1147 clanSoren 
15 Kemmer, Alice Belle  8 Jan 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1429 clanSoren 
16 Kemmer, Alice Belle  17 Apr 1930Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1429 clanSoren 
17 Kersey, Ambrose  17 Apr 1930Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1875 clanSoren 
18 Kersey, Birdie  17 Apr 1930Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1879 clanSoren 
19 Lindler, Archie Patrick  15 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1899 clanSoren 
20 Lindler, Catherine Elizabeth  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1129 clanSoren 
21 Lindler, Francis Lea  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1133 clanSoren 
22 Lindler, George Abram  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1131 clanSoren 
23 Lindler, George Abram  20 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1131 clanSoren 
24 Lindler, George Abram  9 May 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1131 clanSoren 
25 Lindler, Georgia  2 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1423 clanSoren 
26 Lindler, Gertrude  2 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1426 clanSoren 
27 Lindler, Gertrude  16 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1426 clanSoren 
28 Lindler, Harley  15 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1898 clanSoren 
29 Lindler, Henry Bruce  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1428 clanSoren 
30 Lindler, Henry Bruce  19 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1428 clanSoren 
31 Lindler, John Jacob  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1128 clanSoren 
32 Lindler, John Jacob  15 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1128 clanSoren 
33 Lindler, Joseph Thomas  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1132 clanSoren 
34 Lindler, Llonie or Leonia M.  15 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1900 clanSoren 
35 Lindler, Lula  20 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1150 clanSoren 
36 Lindler, Luther  20 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1148 clanSoren 
37 Lindler, Martha Melvina  15 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1127 clanSoren 
38 Lindler, Martha Melvina  20 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1127 clanSoren 
39 Lindler, Martha Melvina  30 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1127 clanSoren 
40 Lindler, Martha Melvina  26 Jan 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1127 clanSoren 
41 Lindler, Mary Margaret  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1130 clanSoren 
42 Lindler, Nina Belle  2 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1008 clanSoren 
43 Lindler, Nina Belle  6 Feb 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1008 clanSoren 
44 Lindler, Paul Pearl Sr.  2 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1425 clanSoren 
45 Lindler, Paul Pearl Sr.  16 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1425 clanSoren 
46 Lindler, Robbie Estelle  8 Jan 1920Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1432 clanSoren 
47 Lindler, Robbie Estelle  17 Apr 1930Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1432 clanSoren 
48 Lindler, Robert Columbus  9 Jun 1880Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1009 clanSoren 
49 Lindler, Robert Columbus  2 Jun 1900Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1009 clanSoren 
50 Lindler, Robert Columbus  16 Apr 1910Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1009 clanSoren 

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Death Certificate

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Certificate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Griffin, Erastus Remer  9 Sep 1935Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I2031 clanSoren 
2 Lindler, Ellen Missouri  5 Jan 1926Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1126 clanSoren 

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bittaker, Joseph  12 Sep 1918Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1007 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bittaker, Joseph  13 Jun 1922Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA I1007 clanSoren 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bittaker / Lindler  23 Dec 1906Stillmore, Emanuel, Georgia, USA F369 clanSoren