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Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA


Tree: clanSoren
Latitude: 42.5357428, Longitude: -113.7927948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bodily, Letha  27 Aug 1916Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7000 clanSoren 
2 Bulkley, Beverly Mae  23 Nov 1933Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8059 clanSoren 
3 Bulkley, Joyce  8 Dec 1918Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8062 clanSoren 
4 Bulkley, Ross Vivian  29 Nov 1927Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8058 clanSoren 
5 Bulkley, Tessa Jeanne  6 Aug 1925Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8064 clanSoren 
6 Fenn, James Boyd  13 May 1921Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7195 clanSoren 
7 Fenn, Richard Odell  3 Dec 1923Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7123 clanSoren 
8 Jacobsen, Charles Merrill  8 Aug 1911Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4876 clanSoren 
9 Jacobsen, Elvernon  29 Jul 1934Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8878 clanSoren 
10 Olson, Nelda Elaine  9 Sep 1925Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8458 clanSoren 
11 Richmond, Lois LaReal  26 Jan 1925Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8197 clanSoren 
12 Scott, Fay LaPrele  11 Nov 1914Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8072 clanSoren 
13 Scott, Golden DeVere  19 Nov 1915Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8073 clanSoren 
14 Scott, Gordon B.  25 Mar 1917Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8074 clanSoren 
15 Scott, Hollis  10 Oct 1919Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8075 clanSoren 
16 Silcock, Barbara  18 Sep 1926Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4671 clanSoren 
17 Silcock, Burton William  29 Jul 1922Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4267 clanSoren 
18 Silcock, Donald A.  29 Jan 1925Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4268 clanSoren 
19 Snow, Irvin Wendell  22 Oct 1918Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I9036 clanSoren 
20 Walker, Gordon S.  24 Nov 1922Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6973 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baum, Etta Vera  24 Jan 1968Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6959 clanSoren 
2 Berry, John Eldon  26 Jul 1989Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6991 clanSoren 
3 Birch, Bertha  29 Oct 1984Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4668 clanSoren 
4 Ferguson, Lillie Mae  3 Jan 1972Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I912 clanSoren 
5 Green, Ellen  9 Dec 1942Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I5308 clanSoren 
6 McBride, Thelda Jane  3 Jun 2004Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6993 clanSoren 
7 Scott, Fay LaPrele  20 Feb 1915Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8072 clanSoren 
8 Silcock, Alma Euburton (Burton)  13 Feb 1965Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4266 clanSoren 
9 Silcock, Buhla  17 Aug 2016Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4672 clanSoren 
10 Silcock, Burton William  10 Jan 2008Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4267 clanSoren 
11 Silcock, Donald A.  8 Sep 2007Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4268 clanSoren 
12 Walker, John Orrin  Dec 1974Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6961 clanSoren 
13 Walker, Murray Baum  18 Jan 2010Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6986 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baum, Etta Vera  2 Mar 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6959 clanSoren 
2 Baum, LaRene  25 Feb 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4488 clanSoren 
3 Baum, Owen Abraham  25 Feb 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I964 clanSoren 
4 Birch, Bertha  6 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4668 clanSoren 
5 Birch, Sylvia  12 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4669 clanSoren 
6 Bulkley, Beverly Mae  5 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8059 clanSoren 
7 Bulkley, Edwin Ross  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8057 clanSoren 
8 Bulkley, Edwin Ross  5 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8057 clanSoren 
9 Bulkley, Joyce  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8062 clanSoren 
10 Bulkley, Keith  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8063 clanSoren 
11 Bulkley, Keith  5 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8063 clanSoren 
12 Bulkley, Rollo  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8061 clanSoren 
13 Bulkley, Ross Vivian  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8058 clanSoren 
14 Bulkley, Ross Vivian  5 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8058 clanSoren 
15 Bulkley, Tessa Jeanne  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8064 clanSoren 
16 Bulkley, Tessa Jeanne  5 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8064 clanSoren 
17 Conover, Bernice  3 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8190 clanSoren 
18 Conover, Bertha  3 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8191 clanSoren 
19 Conover, Edna  3 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8189 clanSoren 
20 Conover, Robert Francis  3 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8188 clanSoren 
21 Fairchild, Myrtle  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7122 clanSoren 
22 Fenn, Alberta Maria  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7208 clanSoren 
23 Fenn, Annie Lavor  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7204 clanSoren 
24 Fenn, Elva Sarah  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7205 clanSoren 
25 Fenn, James Albert  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7110 clanSoren 
26 Fenn, Opal Lawan  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7207 clanSoren 
27 Fenn, Richard Ephriam  12 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7094 clanSoren 
28 Ferguson, Lillie Mae  3 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I912 clanSoren 
29 Hull, Iva Eliza  8 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8071 clanSoren 
30 Jacobsen, Charles Merrill  6 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4876 clanSoren 
31 Jacobsen, Elvernon  6 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8878 clanSoren 
32 Richmond, Julia Anna  3 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8176 clanSoren 
33 Richmond, Martha Etta  25 Feb 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I969 clanSoren 
34 Scott, Golden DeVere  8 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8073 clanSoren 
35 Scott, Gordon B.  8 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8074 clanSoren 
36 Scott, Hollis  8 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8075 clanSoren 
37 Scott, Leo Vernal  8 Jan 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7611 clanSoren 
38 Scott, Tessie Grace  5 Apr 1930Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7612 clanSoren 
39 Scott, Tessie Grace  5 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I7612 clanSoren 
40 Silcock, Alma Euburton (Burton)  3 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4266 clanSoren 
41 Silcock, Barbara  3 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4671 clanSoren 
42 Silcock, Buhla  3 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4672 clanSoren 
43 Silcock, Burton William  3 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4267 clanSoren 
44 Silcock, Donald A.  3 Apr 1940Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4268 clanSoren 
45 Walker, Fay  2 Mar 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6988 clanSoren 
46 Walker, John Orrin  2 Mar 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6961 clanSoren 
47 Walker, Murray Baum  2 Mar 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6986 clanSoren 
48 Walker, Owen John  2 Mar 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6987 clanSoren 
49 Walker, Winona  2 Mar 1920Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6989 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID   Tree 
1 Silcock, Donald A.  10 Sep 2007Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I4268 clanSoren 
2 Walker, Gordon S.  16 Mar 2011Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I6973 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Richmond, William Benjamin  12 Sep 1918Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA I8175 clanSoren 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baum / Rogstad  9 Jun 1935Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA F1590 clanSoren 
2 Berry / Walker  22 Jul 1931Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA F2442 clanSoren 
3 John / Neddo  1 Feb 1938Burley, Cassia, Idaho, USA F2658 clanSoren