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Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA


Tree: clanSoren
Notes: Settled by Mormon Pioneers in 1856, Beaver was one of a string of Mormon settlements extending the length of Utah.

Beaver is the birthplace of two well-known, but very different, people: Philo T. Farnsworth and Butch Cassidy. Philo T. Farnsworth was the inventor of several critical electronic devices that made television possible, including the cathode ray tube. Butch Cassidy was a notorious western outlaw.

Beaver also has the distinction of being the first town in Utah to be electrified. A hydroelectric generation plant was constructed on the Beaver River early in the 20th century. The plant continues to provide a large part of Beaver's power requirements today.

Latitude: 38.276305, Longitude: -112.638772


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bird, Harriet June  16 Jul 1887Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1346 clanSoren 
2 Edwards, Margaret  17 Nov 1889Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I691 clanSoren 
3 Hutchings, Margaret  15 Jul 1909Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I683 clanSoren 
4 Skinner, Alice  5 Apr 1917Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4649 clanSoren 
5 Skinner, Ezra Yates  15 Oct 1883Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1473 clanSoren 
6 Skinner, Harold Rollin  24 Nov 1914Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4648 clanSoren 
7 Skinner, Karma  22 Aug 1912Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4647 clanSoren 
8 Tanner, Rollin Ray  9 Sep 1861Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4651 clanSoren 
9 Thompson, Emma June  2 Sep 1910Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I6276 clanSoren 
10 Thompson, George Cullen  13 May 1885Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I6275 clanSoren 
11 Yardley, Eudora Jean  25 Feb 1948Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I8682 clanSoren 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Edwards, Margaret  23 Nov 1934Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I691 clanSoren 
2 Yardley, Eudora Jean  30 Jul 2007Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I8682 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bird, Harriet June  6 Jun 1900Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1346 clanSoren 
2 Bird, Harriet June  21 May 1910Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1346 clanSoren 
3 Bird, Rena Elmira  6 Jun 1900Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1349 clanSoren 
4 Bird, Rena Elmira  23 Apr 1910Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1349 clanSoren 
5 Bird, Rena Elmira  23 Jan 1920Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1349 clanSoren 
6 David, Elizabeth  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1974 clanSoren 
7 Hathaway, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I713 clanSoren 
8 Rolfe, Lydia  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2128 clanSoren 
9 Rolfe, Mary Ann  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2150 clanSoren 
10 Rolfe, Samuel Jones  19 May 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I712 clanSoren 
11 Rolfe, William Jasper  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2652 clanSoren 
12 Skinner, Alice  23 Jan 1920Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4649 clanSoren 
13 Skinner, Ezra Yates  23 Apr 1910Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1473 clanSoren 
14 Skinner, Ezra Yates  23 Jan 1920Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1473 clanSoren 
15 Skinner, Harold Rollin  23 Jan 1920Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4648 clanSoren 
16 Skinner, Karma  23 Jan 1920Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4647 clanSoren 
17 Skinner, Roene  23 Jan 1920Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4650 clanSoren 
18 Stewart, Arthur M.  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2725 clanSoren 
19 Stewart, Harriett  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2727 clanSoren 
20 Stewart, James  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2726 clanSoren 
21 Stewart, John  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2153 clanSoren 
22 Stewart, Julianna  19 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I2728 clanSoren 
23 Tanner, Rollin Ray  6 Jun 1900Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I4651 clanSoren 
24 Thomas, Caroline  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1370 clanSoren 
25 Thomas, Elizabeth Ann  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1978 clanSoren 
26 Thomas, John  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1975 clanSoren 
27 Thomas, Mary Jane  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1976 clanSoren 
28 Thomas, William Gower  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1973 clanSoren 
29 Thomas, William Morgan  20 Jul 1860Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I1977 clanSoren 
30 Thompson, George Cullen  21 May 1910Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I6275 clanSoren 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hutchings, Osmond George  1 Apr 1935Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA I690 clanSoren 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bird / Hales  5 Dec 1872Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA F482 clanSoren 
2 Hutchings / Edwards  19 Jul 1908Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA F256 clanSoren 
3 Skinner / Bird  8 Jul 1909Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA F514 clanSoren 
4 Thompson / Bird  2 Feb 1910Beaver, Beaver, Utah, USA F2232 clanSoren